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          Head coaches and rostered assistant coaches must complete their coaching certification through Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball before the 2008 season. Each coach is responsible for their on certification. The certification course and test is available online ONLY and costs $19.95. This is a one time, lifetime certification. The course and test allow you to leave and return as many times as you want to complete the process enabling you to work through the course as time allows. Visit www.baberuthcoaching.org to get started.


God grant me the wisdom, To tell a strike from a ball,
To know where to throw, And never to fall.
Keep me always in the base line, Running straight and true,
And I'll look for your sign, To stretch one into two.
Let me always hustle, So I'll be at my best,
And take pride in myself, In sports and the rest.
God give me the strength, When I throw the ball,
When I'm far from home plate, Or against a wall.
So I never miss a base, Please guide my feet,
Bring me home safely, So my job is complete.
When I help younger players, Let me always give praise,
So they'll see You in me, In all of my ways.
God please guide our coach, To be fair and smart,
To teach us to be good, Let it come from his heart.
Let me take a loss, Just as well as a win,
To do any less, Is surely a sin.
As long as I can play, Let me make my parents proud,
As proud as I am, When they yell my name loud.
However my games end, Let me always have fun,
And if Heavan has All-Stars, I want to be one.
When my games here are over, And my seasons are done,
Let me play on your team, Just like your son.


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